Product Finder App's features.
Product Finder App's features.

The Product Finder App is a useful digital tool for the sales force, distributors, retailers and representatives to have the whole range of products always available, constantly updated to improve the user experience.It is also a great tool for building customer loyalty: if downloaded, an app is always present and visible on the users' phone or tablet screen, so there is a greater probability of interaction with it and consequently with the brand itself.PFA's features are customised and implementable over time, depending on business goals, including:Advanced filters and instant search to help your users find the items they want in just a few taps, with no waiting.Push notifications with customised messages for users to stay up-to-date with themCollection of KBI (Key Behaviour Indicators) to measure user behaviour in order to improve the proposed offerOffline mode, without internet connection, so that it can also be used on the move during business meetings and conferences.Dedicated CMS to manage and update all the information and details of the products featured in the app in real time. It is also possible to add different product ranges depending on the countries and markets where the company operates.To find out more visit the dedicated website and see the projects developed by clicking on the tag below.

Luigi Bormioli - App Lock-Eat

The official LOCK-EAT app is online for iOS and Android.You will always be updated on the latest news, promotions and innovative ideas. You can also find the store closest to you where you can buy products from the Lock-Eat collection.

App Lock-Eat
The right sales tool.

The interest of companies in digitising their business processes, especially during sales phase, so that they can have their products and related information in a single tool, smartphones and tablets friendly, has led to a great demand for the development of professional applications that can:save time and costsimprove productivityensure business growthMoko meets this important demand with the Product Finder App, bringing the entire product range in one tool available to the sales force, distributors, retailers and representatives.The functionalities are tailored to the company's objectives, including:Simple to use and quick search for the desired product, thanks to advanced tools such as instant search and category filtersNotification with personalised messages to keep in constant contact with your customersConstant management and updating of products, also depending on the reference market, thanks to the dedicated CMSIt is also possible to use it without an internet connection, so that you can also use it on the move.To find out more, visit the dedicated page and see the projects developed by clicking on the tag below.

Tools for an efficient internal communication.

Internal communication in a company is as important as it is neglected and taken for granted, but it is essential for the satisfaction of company figures and to improve it, it is useful to think of an effective communication strategy and use the right tools.In fact, a good internal communication and the right transmission of information play a fundamental role in managing a company in the best possible way, increasing productivity and employee involvement, sharing the company's mission and vision with everyone.For the flow of information and communication to be clear and fast, and to make sure that communications reach everyone, companies must provide themselves with the right tools that can facilitate these business processes.There are many useful tools for effective internal communication that companies can use, including:Intranet, to find information, tools and useful servicesApp Finder, where employees can benefit from all company services (expense reports, product catalogue, etc.)Product Finder App, a digital tool useful for the sales force to have the entire product range available at all timesClick on the tags to see the projects developed by Moko and contact us for more information about these internal communication tools.