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AccessoSicuro allows companies to keep track of their employees' eligibility for access to the workplace based on body temperature.

The temperature measurement - that the Istituto Superiore di Sanità indicates must not exceed 37.5 ° C - is managed in full respect of privacy, directly by the employee or by a person in charge.

AccessoSicuro is a platform to record data and retrieve all the constantly updated information on the safety procedures to be adopted in this COVID phase and allows each employee to register comfortably from their smartphone in an anonymous way, enter their data daily, monitor the personal register, consult the information on Security and Privacy and be notified in real time on all updates.

This service is achieved in full compliance with the privacy of each user, as it is impersonal and without an association of sensitive / name data. The other employees, in fact, can only view and access their own information, guaranteeing the total confidentiality of the service.

In fact, only the Administrator is allowed to consult the data entered, the calendar of registrations and promptly receive notices relating to the provisions regarding the new procedures to be communicated and adopted.

In addition, to ensure secure access to the webapp, the system regularly sends a text message to verify user authentication via code.

AccessoSicuro allows the company to consult and communicate the guidelines issued by the various Decrees in real time.

This webapp allows administrators and every employee to easily consult the information on Security and Privacy from their smartphone and be notified in real time about any changes and updates, promptly receiving communications regarding the new regulations of the procedures to be adopted.

In fact, the system regularly sends notifications relating to the new security and anti-contagion protocols, information on signs, rules and sanitation measures.

In an easy and intuitive way, it is possible to find and download all the procedures, having the complete list of updated contents available.

Moko & QSE Studio

AccessoSicuro was born from a partnership between two different companies: MOKO and QSE STUDIO. In particular, MOKO has developed the technical structure of the application, following its management, maintenance and assistance, while QSE STUDIO has taken care of the legislative aspect regarding Security and Privacy.

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