A design conceived for the full satisfaction of the end user

The UX (User Experience) is the set of all those elements that have an impact on the user's interaction with a software, such as the simplicity of navigation, the speed and intuitiveness of a website, as well as the adaptability to the different devices from which you access a site or an app.

With UI (User Interface) we mean the graphic interface from a visual and aesthetic point of view, which must be in line with the reference target, with the project and with the context of implementation.

The UI, if well built, contributes significantly to satisfying the principles of UX, giving the user a smooth and pleasant browsing experience.

In MOKO we design the sites and apps putting the end user first. An optimally crafted UX allows you to increase the number of visitors, increase sales/installations/downloads, decrease the abandonment rate, improve positioning on search engines, increase visibility and brand reputation.