Flyer planning, management and production at your fingertips, in a single tool.

Leaflet Master

What is

Leaflet Master is the perfect digital tool for your company's sales force. With Leaflet Master the user can plan, manage and produce flyers and leaflets in total autonomy, streamlining the approval flow and significantly reducing production costs. Leaflet Master offers the possibility to create customized flyers through the combination of several preset elements, or to choose templates already used previously. The Leaflet Master platform also contains reports on all leaflets produced, allowing the user to have a detailed history available that can be consulted at any time.


A complete tool for creating customized flyers for your business, from the Ho.re.ca sector to GDO

Leaflet Master is intended for all large companies in the GDO, GDS and Ho.re.ca who wish to ease their leaflet and flyer planning and production processes by aiming for an efficient, quality service with a high level of customization.

Large-scale distribution

Hypermarket, Supermarket


Specialized retailers

Shops, retail outlet



Hotellerie, Restaurant, Café



Discover all the potential of Leaflet Master

Leaflet Master has been realized to guide you in the creation of a flyer in every phase, facilitating all those assignment and approval steps that normally require a complex and lengthy exchange of information between different users.

Flyer planning

Pianificazione Volantini
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    View customers
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    Selection of products of interest
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    Entering information data (sell/out date – simple/promo type...)
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    Custom editing options
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    Checking schedules
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    Editing schedules
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    Download of schedules

Search and customization of flyers

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    Choice of typology
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    Choice of products
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    Selection from model catalog
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    Customer choice
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    More customizations

Flyer management

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    Agency assignment
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    Internal approvals
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    Budget management and monitoring
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    Customer approval
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    Reports and analytics
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    Other custom options


Developed by Moko team

Since 2006 Moko has been digitalising business processes with B2B and B2C mobile apps,webapps, websites and the development of new technologies.
Our team is made up of all the professionals needed to manage each project at every stage, from conception to publication and beyond. Many years of work on tailor-made projects for the most diverse brands have allowed us to gain experience in various sectors: Moko projects are highly customized, with innovative proposals and always in compliance with the specific needs and agreed deadlines. Uniqueness, innovation and professionalism are the keywords that distinguish us.


Everything you need to know about Leaflet Master

Leaflet Master is used to manage the workflow of planning, creation and production of leaflets in an intuitive, fast and efficient way.
Leaflet Master is a complete tool that allows your company to optimize the entire leaflet creation and generation process through a series of features including layout choice and selection, approval process management and integrated reporting.
Choosing Leaflet Master for your business means streamlining the entire approval flow from the design of the flyer to delivery to the final customer, with considerable savings in time and costs.
Leaflet Master can be developed both in native languages and through cross-platform development tools.
The development in native language guarantees the best performance, the best use of the individual devices (Android and iOS), adjusting the individual gestures vertically to provide a top experience in terms of navigation.
Multi-platform development can be a good compromise between costs and functionality where the budget dedicated to the initiative is more suitable for market penetration tests.
Each project is vertical to the specific needs of the company: contact the Moko Team to learn more and arrive at a personalized quotation.
Leaflet Master can be created both as a mobile app for all smartphones and tablets on the market, with Android or iOS systems, and as a web application.
Absolutely yes: design, UX/UI, contents and so on are created in line with the coordinated corporate image and the defined layouts.

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