Digital tools for the management of corporate communication flows and HR

In these last few years, also due to the forced distancing caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, a growing need has arisen for companies to improve and make their internal communication more effective. A good communication strategy allows all the different company departments to remain interconnected and to manage information flows in the best possible way, avoiding the dispersion of important information. MOKO designs and creates intranet web apps that aggregate the various existing systems (applications, websites, software) for the management of all internal company functions. The analysis starts from sharing with the various departments, in order to process the individual workflows with an overview. The tools created allow a detailed analysis of the data that will be collected over time: easy and autonomous implementation of document management, company contact lists filterable and always updated, traceability and history of one's own products, always with updated data, thanks to the use of the extranet and the possibility of using it also by external collaborators.