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DANA asked Moko to design and develop an innovative customised platform to support the sales force, dedicated to consult and share DANA products.


Create a webapp with public access and, for DANA users, from the Active Directory and visible from desktop and tablet devices.
The "tree" structure, controlled by a special CMS, allows navigation by areas, categories, subcategories, ghosts and products.
In addition to basic information, attachments and 3D images, the focus is on "hot areas", click-sensitive areas with redirection to the relevant product or product variant.
Thanks to the Content Management System, for entering and editing content, the platform is always up-to-date and enriched with new information.
Particular attention has been paid to the testing phase.


Creation of a complete and intuitive environment with the possibility of easily consulting and sharing the product sheet.
A very useful tool for sellers in the presentation and sales phase.
Thanks to the different layouts, the system responds with the most suitable graphics for an optimal UX/UI.

Approfondimenti:  sales app UX - UI product finder

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