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Moncler asked Moko to analyse and draw up a Blueprint and develop an innovative custom platform dedicated to improving the shopping experience for Buyers.

Develop a tool to support Sellers and Area Managers in presenting products and finalising orders.


Building a platform for:

  • Buyer → Webapp and iOS app
  • Seller and Area Manager → iOS App

The platform is intended to:

  • monitor the list of scheduled appointments
  • connect easily and quickly to the meeting platform
  • share product info sheets (features, colours, cost, etc.) directly from CRM
  • view the progress and status of the order in progress

Particular attention was paid to the testing phase.


Creation of an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface with dedicated UX/UI, single sign-on and accessibility technologies.

Simplified Buyer/Seller interaction and remote order management.

Creation of dedicated functions for Area Managers to support sellers during the sales process.

Approfondimenti:  blueprint sales app UX - UI Webapp SSO

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