Configurator apps: tools to navigate in a guided way between options and choices. The result is a real visualization of what was only told before.

Configurator app as a support for sales agents

Usability guaranteed both online and offline mode, a help for traders to finalize the sale by making fluid and automatic dialogue on the product
  • Tool to create, display, customize products
  • Dynamic and intuitive
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Customer involvement in the use
  • Composing the single real need
  • The idea that becomes a product

End user / customer Configurator mobile apps

Flexible marketing tools that involve customers in a self-made product realyzation. Mobile configurator Apps available on Apple and Android stores, but also web apps on websites.
  • The customer can tell what he is looking for in a guided way
  • Automatic business proposal generator
  • Structured commercial presentation building that can be customized by the client
  • Construction of commercial folders with which the customer can interact


Traders, pharma company sale representatives, sales agents, end users, customers: people who live today connected, with a smartphone in their hands. Tools to build products configurations by people who will feel at home. Product centered tools.