The smartest way to manage expense reports

The vertical, comprehensive, and intelligent solution to simplify the control and management of employees expense reports.


Expense report collection

Expense report collection

Allow employees to easily upload their expenses and attach receipts

OCR<br><small><strong>(Optical Character Recognition)</strong></small>

(Optical Character Recognition)

Automatically capture data from receipts and invoices, simplifying manual data entry



Ability to assign expenses to specific categories such as meals, travel, accommodations, transportation, etc

Expenses approval

Expenses approval

Managers can approve or reject expenses submitted by employees

Notifications and reminders

Notifications and reminders

Remind users to submit expenses and complete necessary procedures on time

Integration with company softwares

Integration with company softwares

The app communicates and collaborates with the existing company software, enabling smoother data exchange

Multi-User Management

Multi-User Management

Multiple users within one or more company locations can access and collaborate on the application

Why a digital tool to manage expense reports?


Eliminate the need to manually track expenses, minimizing the time spent on manual data entry

Simplified approval

Reduce expense report approval times with an intuitive workflow involving managers and employees transparently


Identify waste and savings opportunities with detailed expense analysis, allowing optimization of the company budget


Record expenses anytime and anywhere

Complex expense management transforms into a streamlined and efficient process.
Achieve greater operational efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain financial control.

Can I choose and customize the features?

Moko stands out for its flexible approach to business needs.

Unlike offering standard products, Moko is committed to provide vertical solutions designed to specifically adapt to each company's unique requirements.

This means there is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to Moko.

The workflow begins with an assessment: the Moko team collaborates with the company to gather detailed information about its needs, goals, and specific challenges.

This process may include:

  • Interviews with company staff
  • Analysis of existing company data
  • Evaluation of current procedures

Once this information is collected, Moko uses it to design a solution that precisely addresses the company's challenges and goals..

The goal is to create a custom solution that accurately and consistently meets each company's needs, improving efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Discover how Moko can help revolutionize expense management in your company.
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