What is the intranet for?
What is the intranet for?

The last few years have shown companies how crucial it is to find digital solutions that allow employees to work easily even remotely, accessing all the tools and functionalities they can find comfortably in the office. Indeed, more aware of this need and the value they bring to the work they do, companies are increasingly looking to find tools to make it easier to work from home, but also in the office. An effective solution is the intranet.An intranet is a corporate network for exclusive use, accessible only by a small circle of people, where you can find the information, tools and services you need to do your job, using any internet browser and from any computer.It allows you to share and view sensitive and confidential documents, e.g. contracts, project development material, company news, etc.It allows you to improve your data management, carry out daily tasks quickly and easily, and monitor and optimise your company's work.Obviously, the focus when creating or improving your intranet should be on your employees, so that it is easy for them to use and provides all the necessary elements to enhance business processes and their work.Take a look at our solutions for companies working in different sectors and contact us for more information.

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Corporate Intranet with web and mobile dashboard

The web intranet offers its users a number of services and features, including access to documents, software applications, remote support, security and much more. Its architecture is designed to allow greater flexibility and efficiency than those of traditional networks. The intranet web can be used by everyone in the organization to collaborate, share information and manage tasks more efficiently. The dashboardThe dashboard is a fundamental part of the corporate intranet. It provides a quick overview of the most important data and information, allowing fast and intuitive access to all resources. The dashboard can be customized to display the data that is most relevant to the user. This way, users can quickly get an overview of what is happening in the company. The dashboard also allows you to create customized reports and share information with other employees quickly and efficiently. What is a dashboard?A dashboard is a collection of relevant information that visualizes data in an easy-to-understand way. It is a web page that presents information on a single page with content such as graphs, tables and diagrams. The dashboard presents information in the form of key performance indicators (KPIs). Using the dashboard, users can quickly understand how their business is performing, from financials to team productivity. This tool is very useful for making fast and effective decisions. Web appCreating an intranet web app is a great way to ensure that information is protected and kept within a network. An intranet web app can provide users with an easy-to-use interface that allows them to access documents, images, audio and video files quickly and securely. Security is ensured through the use of multi-factor authentication, such as passwords, access tokens, and digital certificates. Intranet web apps can also be used to share data between employees within the company, so that information can be tracked. In addition, companies can create custom applications that meet their specific needs in terms of security, functionality and convenience. Thanks to these characteristics, intranet web apps are an excellent tool for improving business productivity.
 Why a mobile intranetThe mobile intranet is a solution that allows employees to access various corporate services from a mobile device. It offers access to important information and company resources, such as internal manuals, documentation and even specific applications. Employees can take advantage of this information on the go, while reducing waiting times and the need to physically be in the office. The mobile intranet also helps keep corporate data secure and is an efficient medium for internal communication.
 Ideas for a business intranetStart a task force with employees who can provide feedback and ideas.Create a development platform that allows teams to collaborate more efficiently with each other in real time.Add features such as easy document sharing, content search, video chat and voice chat within the corporate intranet.Implement a user activity monitoring system to obtain information on the use of the corporate intranet.Integrate machine learning solutions into your corporate intranet to improve user experience personalization and automate repetitive tasks like report generation.Create a portal dedicated to company news in order to provide timely information to users.Implement a system for measuring user productivity in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the corporate intranet.Add features like forums, blogs, discussion groups and wikis to encourage employees to interact with each other and share their experiences and ideas within the company intranet.Develop an automated reporting system to simplify the processing of documentation and the tracking of user activities within the intranet.Integrate knowledge management tools such as documentation, manuals, articles, webinars and online courses so employees can expand their skills.Create a feedback portal that allows employees to report problems and suggest improvements to improve the company intranet.Integrate a performance management system to monitor individual and team performance and identify areas for improvement.Implement a multi-factor authentication system to ensure that only authorized users have access to the corporate intranet.Equip yourself with an intuitive dashboard with personalized information about projects, tasks, and deadlines so users can easily keep track of their work.Create a user profiling system to personalize their experience and make sure they only have access to information relevant to their role within the company.Aggregate data from external sources such as social media, websites and mobile applications so employees can access up-to-date content directly from the corporate intranet.Deliver integrated solutions such as CRM, ERP, workforce management, knowledge management and other tools directly from the corporate intranet to streamline the decision - making process. What is a corporate intranet for?A corporate intranet is a private and confidential computer system that allows employees to access specific content, services and applications. It is usually managed by a centralized system and can be reached from anywhere with an Internet connection. The intranet allows companies to provide shared information and make various communication tools available, such as documentation, data archiving, mailing lists, online chats and discussions. Furthermore, users can post comments on shared documents and exchange information with each other efficiently and effectively. The intranet can also be used as a platform for virtual training, HR management or production management. Ultimately, a corporate intranet is a valuable tool that can help companies improve the efficiency of internal communication and collaboration between workers.    

Ideas for corporate business intranet applications

A company intranet is a digital infrastructure that allows a company's employees to communicate, collaborate and access company information in a secure and centralized way. The intranet can be a powerful tool for improving efficiency, productivity and employee satisfaction.One of the fundamental components of a company intranet is its application offering. Intranet applications can be used for a variety of purposes, including:Communication and Collaboration: Communication and collaboration applications allow employees to communicate with each other efficiently and productively. They can include instant messaging, chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and document collaboration tools.Information Access – Information access applications allow employees to easily find and access the business information they need to do their jobs. They can include employee portals, knowledge bases, search tools, and document management.Business Process Management – Business process management (BPM) applications help you automate and optimize business processes. They can include tools for request management, project management, and workflow management.The choice of intranet applications to implement should be based on the specific needs of the company. However, there are some general ideas that can be helpful to get started.Applications for communication and collaborationCommunication and collaboration applications are essential to keeping employees connected and working together efficiently. Some ideas include:An employee portal that provides a single location to access all the information and resources you need.Instant messaging and chat tools to allow employees to communicate in real time.Video conferencing to allow employees to meet and collaborate remotely.File sharing tools to allow employees to easily share documents and other files.Document collaboration tools to allow employees to work together on documents at the same time.​​​​​​​Applications for accessing informationInformation access applications allow employees to easily find and access the business information they need. Some ideas include:A knowledge base that collects and organizes company information.Search tools that help employees find the information they need.Document management tools that allow employees to store and organize documents.Applications for business process managementBusiness process management applications help you automate and optimize business processes. Some ideas include:Request management tools that allow employees to request approvals and other tasks.Project management tools that allow employees to collaborate on projects.Workflow management tools that help you automate business processes. In addition to these general ideas, companies can also consider implementing custom intranet applications that address their specific needs. For example, a company that operates in a regulated industry might implement an intranet application for managing compliance.Choosing which intranet applications to deploy is an important process that can have a significant impact on employee efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction. It's important to consider your company's specific needs and choose applications that are useful and easy to use.The corporate intranet has become an essential resource for many modern companies, offering a secure and centralized digital environment for internal communication, information sharing and collaboration between employees. Its applications are varied and can be customized to meet the specific needs of a company.Efficient Internal CommunicationOne of the main applications of the corporate intranet is to facilitate effective internal communication. Intranet platforms offer tools such as forums, chats, newsboards and internal newsletters that allow employees to easily communicate, share updates and crucial information in real-time.Document Management and Resource SharingThe Intranet serves as a central repository for document management. By allowing the creation of directories and access to shared documents, such as manuals, guidelines, company documents, policies and procedures, it simplifies the process of sharing and accessing company resources.Collaboration and Group ProjectsIntranet platforms facilitate collaboration on projects, allowing teams to share ideas, plan, track progress and coordinate activities. Tools like shared calendars, project boards, and workspaces dedicated to specific groups make collaboration smoother.Training and DevelopmentAnother crucial application is that of corporate training. The Intranet can host training materials, online courses, webinars and educational resources. This promotes the professional development of employees, allowing them to access crucial information to improve their skills.Human Resources Management and Employee SupportHR functions can take advantage of the intranet for human resources management, managing holidays, leaves, employee evaluations and providing support through dedicated sections with FAQs, request forms and guidelines.Data Analysis and ReportingAn increasingly relevant application is the use of the Intranet for the analysis of company data. Intranet platforms can integrate analytics tools that help monitor platform usage, internal communication trends and collaboration patterns, offering valuable data to improve business efficiency and productivity.Security and Access ControlEnsuring the security of company data is essential. Corporate intranets are designed with robust security measures that regulate access to sensitive data, allowing administrators to control who can access certain documents or sections of the platform.Adaptability and ScalabilityAn advantage of the intranet is flexibility. Platforms can be customized to adapt to changing business needs and can grow with the company itself, supporting its expansion and adapting to new requirements.ConclusionsThe possibilities offered by the company Intranet are broad and versatile, capable of significantly improving communication, collaboration and efficiency within a company. Adopting a well-designed and managed intranet can be a catalyst for innovation and business success in today's competitive landscape.