Anteo Website

Prometeon Tyre Group S.r.l.


Create the new website for Anteo, a Prometeon Tyre Group brand, to promote the company and the range of products offered and to consult dealers.


Mobile responsive and multilingual site with display of the relative page according to the geolocation of the device with:

  • "About" page, where the brand and its services are presented
  • Page dedicated to products, divided into categories. 
  • "Dealers" page, where detailed sheets are available with the most important information (company name, address, contact details and link to Google Maps to reach the dealer)
  • "Contacts" page to request information and contact the company


Intuitive and user-friendly website. UX/UI designed and agreed with the client, also based on the target market.

Approfondimenti:  UX - UI Web

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