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What is an app finder for?
What is an app finder for?

Within a large company, it is important to manage information and communication in an organised way, so that data, that is often found in different files and links, can be easily found. Furthermore, a single secure access point for all employees of the company, where they can benefit from all company services (from accessing the intranet to expense reports, from the product catalogue to the company address book and news) in a dedicated app is certainly an effective and efficient solution to improve productivity and facilitate business processes. This is why there is an increasing interest in and demand for the development of professional apps capable of aggregating all this on a single platform. Moko develops app finder that allow employees to access all the available company services managed by CMS, according to the different types of users in an easy and organised way. The advantages of using an app finder are:Having a smarter and faster tool, accessible also offlineHaving a simple single access point, thanks to Single Sign-OnOptimise business processes by facilitating access to resourcesIncreased productivity through better internal managementMoko has developed various app finder solutions for multinational companies to meet their needs.Discover all our projects ↓

PREGEL - Extranet - Intranet

Create a web-app that would allow to join the various systems (applications, websites, software) and add new features, for the management of all internal business functions.

Extranet - Intranet
Unique entry point app (or App Finder): business applications that improve efficiency and communication

Within a large company it is important to have an organised management of information and communication. It is also important to be able to easily find data that is often found in different files and links. This is why there is increasing interest in and demand for the development of professional apps that are able to aggregate everything (data, files, links, news and communications) on the same platform.
The advantages of using an app finder:Single point of access to business tools: easy access, also thanks to Single Sign-OnOptimisation of business processes with the associated increase in productivity, thanks to factors such as efficiency in processes and activities for better internal management;Moko develops app finders that allow employees to access all available company services, with different types of users: admins (access to all functionalities), users (selection of functionalities and management of customisable permission hierarchies) etc. The home page provides access to all links to company resources, managed by CMS. The latter is the tool chosen to control the contents agreed in the app, accessible via login with appropriate credentials.
It is also possible to insert news with management of priority, visibility and clusters of interest that will appear to users according to categorisation.
With the possibility of using them offline and facilitating access to resources, app finders can therefore be valuable allies for managing work in the company.