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Mobile App


Create a tool to support sellers to best present Dana products at fairs, events and directly in the sales phase with buyers.

Ghosts, 3D models, multimedia content, ecc. even in offline mode.


Taking advantage of the fluidity, characteristics and potential of the iOS platform, the App with Pad layout, that allows virtual navigation between Dana products.

Users, with or without a seller's help, will be able to view the products placed in the ghosts for immediate identification

- product details

- interactive 3D models

- zoom

- multimedia content

- offline operation

- possibility of sending pdf of the selected products.


The latest mobile programming and animation resources were used in the development of the UX and the app was immediately usable for clarity and ease.

In-depth pre-publication tests have allowed a golive full of satisfactions.

Approfondimenti:  blueprint UX - UI App iOS

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