Corporate website



Develop the new Revetec Corporate website to support sales, communication and marketing activities to promote the company, highlighting the portfolio, products and services offered.


Multilingual and mobile responsive site with:

  • Pages dedicated to each individual product, with photos, descriptions and attached files
  • Page dedicated to the presentation of success stories, divided by type of intervention
  • Page dedicated to the services offered by Revetec
  • Contact page for technical support
  • Section dedicated to the newsletter subscription

Possibility of access to the reserved area to view confidential documents.


Easy navigation with immediate information thanks to the division into categories, so that people can quickly understand what Revetec offers and thanks to an effective and intuitive UX/UI to optimise the user experience.

Particular attention has been given to SEO: procedures have been put in place to maintain the old indexing and improve it.

Approfondimenti:  UX - UI Web

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