Condition monitoring system for an integrated unit
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Monitor real-time operation.


The integrated drive object of the intervention was a 4NXT-Siboni powered at 48 Vdc, communication on CAN BUS, vector drive with field orientation, reference motor: Brushless SPM 9 8-pole slots with winding concentrated on the tooth, nominal speed 3000 rpm.

To achieve the set objectives it was necessary to integrate the triaxial MEMS sensor proposed by ST Microelectronics next to the position sensor board.

The sensor has been oriented to have one of the three axes in the longitudinal direction (parallel to the axis of rotation z axis) and the other two in the vertical and horizontal direction (x and y axes).

Sensors and physical quantities are acquired at the drive level by adequately modifying them to acquire the quantities necessary for diagnostics and communicate them externally via CANOpen.

The data transmitted is raw and the post-processing of the data takes place either on board the CANOpen data exchange board -> WiFi (TCP / IP protocol).
For the analysis of the accelerometer data, simple analysis techniques were used such as the rms value, the crest factor or the FFT.

For the signals relating to the voltages, the transformation of the signals for the generation of the voltage space vector and the subsequent FFT and subsequent display of the amplitudes in real time was used.

The supporting app shows the status of the drive and warns of abnormal behavior with the possibility of verifying the type of report.